To build the kingdom of God through every profit less deed which aim only for the glory to God and the well being of others. He who sees, let his eyes see the living God, he who embraces let his heart feel the love of God.


Accept the differently abled children who are unable to do the routine activities by themselves, prepare them to do the activities and jobs themselves with their possible ability to help the familiy as well as the society to uplift the differently abled children to the main stream of the society.


To meet the needs of the differently abled children to carry out their day to day activities.

To provide a balanced training that will contribute to the total learning of the students.

To warm up to the family relations by giving colour to the parents dreams of live.

To provide vocational education training.

At present St.Joseph's Special School for mentally challenged handicapped institution provide boarding facility to 40 children and training to nearly sixty children. Training is provided in the ratio 1:10, segregating the students in to various levels pre-primary, primary, secondary, pre vocational and vocational.

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