We perceive achievements in a different perspsective. Our students are differently abled, though few have physical disabities, they too are abled in their own way.

Hence we consider achievement as any substantial acquirement of skill, art or sport by our children. Many with learning disability has been trained to write OBE A- Level exams conducted by NIOS, we are thankful to God and proud that our children were able to do the exams without the help of a scribe. Those who have passed the OBE A Level exams are now being trained to attempt OBe B Level exams. This indeed is an achievement for us.

Those who show interest in sports are trained in the respective sport and taken for competitions. Many have made our school proud by winning prizes. Some students who showed interest in music We have students who are artistic and excels in drawing painting singing dancing and crafts within their limitation. Many have gone for competitions and won prizes for the exposure and display of their talents.

But not able to sing were given opputunity to explore music through various music instruments. This gave us an idea to form a school band. Now our school proudly presents our school band on various occasions in our school. Our Vocational section is an eye candy for those who approach these students with a wrong notion of them being invalids, as students have mastered in making many crafts such as candles umbrella bags mats mufflers dolls ornaments, glass painting emboss painting flower making etc. They are also skilled in making chocolates cakes pickles etc. Few who like experiments are being encouraged and now makes soaps detergents and other cleaning products.

Thus to summarise we consider achievement as any small or big thing achieved by our children. Prizes are only mere show offs but the real achievement lies in the fact that everyday our children move forward a bit more than yesterday.

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