IEP has often been identified with Special needs children. But any child who has difficulty in learning and daily functioning needs special care and help. Children such as these struggle in a so called typical school or any such settings meant for children who needs less or no help coping up. Any child who needs individual care, attention, help to learn and study is an ideal candidate for IEP

The reason for their lack of ability to learn may be due to Learning Disabilities ADD, ADHD Emotional Disorders, Cognitive Challenges, Autism, Downs syndrome , Various Levels of Mental Retardation Other hearing or speech impairments etc. Here at our school we asses and then make individual plans as per the capability of the child, according to his tastes and skills. We exert no compulsion or pressure on child as to he needs to learn only academics or any specific curriculum. Of course reading, writing and learning is included but it is not the final thing that a child could learn. Hence Art crafts Music Dance Sports etc are also included in the IEP.

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