Occupation Therapy is a treatment method usually used to teach life skills to the people who has not achieved it or who has lost in due course of a harsh event in life.

Occupation therapy helps children who have development delays in life skills, to develop skills for living. Occupation therapy assists to achieve independence gradually necessary for living.


      (a) achieve daily living skills like toilet training, brushing teeth, grooming skills like dressing

      (b) achieve writing, colouring using scissors, knives, spoon etc.

      (c) achieve walking, riding cycle etc.

Here at our school we give individual attention to the children and provide therapy as per their needs. Thus helping them to achieve what is most important for them to be independent. Our therapy room is equipped with satisfactory facilities to provide for the requirements of our beloved children. We have qualified therapists working earnestly for the upliftment of the children. Apart from the therapy room, we encourage children to have outdoor activities which is pivotal for the overall development of our kids.
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