We are a charitable institution for the upliftment of mentally challenged children and adults. We have been blessed to service such individuals for the 40 years now and hope to continue with the help and support of people like you. we have about 160 persons altogether. They are affected with various Mental Challenges like Autism, Down syndrome, various degrees of Mental retardation, Mental disorders etc.

We have a day school functioning as a Special School and a Boarding facility for girls. Most of Our children at boarding come from poor financial backgrounds, broken families and few are orphans. Hence the maintenance and providence for them are faced with many challenges and scarcities especially financial. But with God’s Grace and charities we are able to provide them with necessities.

As in day school we provide numerous therapies as per the requirement of the child. Occupation Therapy, Physio Therapy, Speech Therapy etc are few to mention. Extra Curricular activities like Yoga, Sports, Arts and Vocational training is also provided.
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