More important than not improving communication skills appears at the top of parents wish list. This is not surprising since the children diagnosed with development delays have difficulty with some aspects of communication, ranging from severe to mild language development is a complex phenomenon and children can be skilled in some aspects of language but not others. It is also important to understand that the language deficits are often both expressive and receptive. A child may have difficulty producing language(expressive language) and understanding language (receptive language).

Sometimes children who has developed language in a fair manner may lack the ability to engage in a meaningful conversational exchanges with others- a mistake of skills that can be confusing to parents and others. Here is where the significance of Speech therapy comes.

Speech Therapy can improve communication by developing both expressive and receptive language. Eventually children gets skilled in comprehension thus improving their learning skill and broadening the receptive vocabulary of the child. In due course of tome through various methods like manding tacting sharing questioning the child achieves a considerable development in expressive language as well. And thus the overall communication goal is achieved. Here at our school the process of developing speech therapy is not limited to the speech therapy room, but throughout the day. The entire school works together consistently to achieve the goal. Apart from individual classes our teaching methods at classrooms greatly concentrate on developing the communication skills of the children.

We have a Speech therapist as well as other class teachers working relentlessly focusing to improve the communication skills of the kids.
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